Cassidy Russell is a Chicago-based, award-winning improviser, actor, and teacher. She has fifteen years of improv experience, seven-plus years of teaching & coaching experience, and is represented as a film/TV actor. She's appeared in multiple (multiple!) local car commercials. 

Need a performer? A teacher? A coach? Let's do it. 


The main thing I believe is that you can take comedy seriously.

I've been doing improv since eighth grade. (Very hip, very cool.) Being on stage is my favorite thing in the world and I honestly think humanity would be in a much better place if everyone had to take an improv class in high school. 

I was a performer on the mainstage team at Village Theatre in Atlanta, on house teams at the Washington Improv Theater in DC (where I was also a part of the three-person team - Pals Are Pals - that won the 2012 Fighting Improv Smackdown Tournament), as well as on multiple independent teams in both cities. I've performed Armandos, Montages, Harolds, Monoscenes, the Bat, Close Quarters, the Movie, Book Club, Talk Show, Documentary, Campfire, Serialized Teen Detective shows, and the Actor’s Worst Nightmare. 

My two-person team, Rufio, has performed across the country - Del Close Marathon, Out of Bounds Comedy Festival, Alaska State Improv Festival, Atlanta Improv Festival, Atlanta Fringe Festival, Atlanta Black Box Comedy Festival - and maintains an active blog. Want to get nerdy? Please know that I can provide that experience for you here. I told you I take comedy seriously. Guys, I've been interviewed about improv twice on NPR. I'm not cool. (Want to get even nerdier? Here's a podcast where I go very in-depth on both improv and Bill Nye.)

In addition to performing, I have more than seven years of teaching and coaching experience - from brand new teams to veteran teams to kids to corporate groups to the Atlanta Hawks cheerleaders. (It's been a wild ride.) Last year, I was named the best teacher at Village Theatre, which meant a good deal more to me than I feel comfortable admitting. Plus, I won a lot of high school theater awards, so please know that I know what I'm doing. 


I admired Cassidy as a performer before I was able to be taught and coached by her. I was so pleased to find out that she was giving with her time, energy, and feedback, so that we could all become performers worth admiring, too. Many of her notes have since become my mantras I use when I need an extra pep talk before shows.
Cassidy’s coaching style is detailed and constructive. Through working with her, I’ve developed the skills to create strong character relationships, listen to my partners, understand the flow of a set, and more importantly when to do nothing at all. Her feedback is always authentic and supportive.
Cassidy has an uncanny ability as a coach to offer you a note after even the most horrendous rehearsal or show with something to be proud of; something to work on, too, of course, but also something that helps you believe, ‘yes, I can do this, I’m going to get back up there.’
Cassidy is and amazing coach. She teaches you how to play smart, focus on what is most important in a scene (each other), and to make bold choices. You will grow as a performer and gain so much confidence.
Cassidy is the most thoughtful, quick and smart teacher I’ve ever had. She is in tune with her students and knows exactly what to say to push them to their highest potential.
Cassidy did a great job keeping everyone positive while giving criticism. Best teacher I’ve had of everywhere I’ve studied.
She teaches you the song of your own feelings and experiences, the one written on your heart that you didn’t know you knew. If that sounds dramatic, then you haven’t taken her class.